One of the great truths about the human experience, the human condition, is that the sample size of the past is one.

That's true of our own individual lives, our individual pasts. It's also true of the past nations and of communities. But the future has a sample size of infinity.

There is any possible range of futures that we ourselves can forge depending upon which decisions we make across a wide spectrum of ideas and themes. That's why it's so particularly important that the youth of nations engage in the critical debates of society because they bring the energy.


You know of all the great things that America has stood for and all of the great ideas that America has brought to the world and continues to bring to the world, I think we sometimes forget that conservation itself, this whole notion that we could live within the bounds of nature and still have economic progress, that this was also an idea born here in America.

Fox sketch

I've been extraordinarily fortunate in my life to have witnessed a lot of great spectacles in the outdoors. 

As a research biologist I have seen many things and been very close to animals on many occasions, and I have lived with them - for a very long period of time - extended periods of time.

One of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had, was on the barren lands in Newfoundland in the fall, during the rutting season of woodland caribou:  these magnificent black-faced, white mane, bronzed antlered deer that are so extraordinary to see in these open landscapes…